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Summer Camp

Bellwether Farm offers camp experiences where school-age children can immerse themselves in fun, engaging activities. These programs will seek to teach healthy social, nutritional, and environmental practices, while providing a safe context in which to encounter God’s beautiful creation. Campers will have an opportunity to learn about organic gardening, animal care, and creative cooking. They will also participate in traditional camp activities including swimming, canoeing, arts and crafts, fishing, field games, and archery. The Bellwether Farm staff is invested in the life of every camper, seeking to inspire future generations to become passionate leaders in the world around them.

Registration will be live on January 15, 2020. Please check back then for the registration link to ensure your camper's spot for next summer!
Children signing up for each camp must be the age listed for that camp by August 1, 2020. There will be no exceptions.
Summer Camp Schedule

Week 1: June 15-June 20
Day Camp, Elementary Camp, Junior High Camp, LIT Week 1
Week 2: June 22-27
Day Camp, Farm-Table-Song, LIT Week 2
Week 3: June 29-July 4
Day Camp, Mini Camp, Elementary Camp, Junior High Camp, LIT Week 3
Week 4: July 6-July 11
Day Camp, Elementary Camp, Junior High Camp
Week 5: July 13-July 18
Day Camp, Elementary Camp, Junior High Camp
Week 6: July 20-July 25
Day Camp, Senior High Camp

Day Camp

Day Camp runs from Monday to Friday every week, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. This camp is specifically geared for children ages 5 to 8, and campers will get to experience all the same activities as the traditional overnight camps. Lunch is included.

Mini Camp

Mini Camp is an opportunity for campers ages 6 to 8 to try out traditional overnight camp without committing to a full week. Mini campers will spend three days, two nights with other campers their age. There are two sessions offered, one from Monday to Wednesday and one from Thursday to Saturday. 

Elementary Camp

Elementary Camp is for campers ages 8 to 11 and will run from Monday-Saturday. Campers will experience age and energy appropriate camp and farm activities, giving them opportunities to expand their horizons while making great friends! As our most high-energy campers, they will begin learning the practices of reflection, collaboration, and stewardship. 

Junior High Camp

Junior High Camp caters to campers ages 12 to 14 and will run from Monday-Saturday. Many classic camp activities are tailored to this age group, offering more challenging reflection questions and giving more responsibility on the farm and in relationship with one another. Junior High camp is where many campers meet their life-long friends.

Senior High Camp

Senior High Camp is an action-packed week offered only for campers ages 15 to 18 that will run Monday-Saturday. In what can be a hectic time of life, this week offers a special place apart from technology, drama, and college applications and allows young people to be fully present with themselves, with nature, and each other. Senior High campers will explore self-reliance on the farm, in the kitchen, and in community. This week is sure to be one they will carry with them for the rest of their lives!

Leader-in-Training Program (LIT)

The Leader in Training program is a 3-week intensive program for high school campers age 16 and up. This program is an opportunity for LITs to bridge the gap between being campers and camp counselors. Their first week will run similar to a traditional week with camp, while the second week will involve shadowing and assisting Bellwether Program Staff, including the Director, the Program Manager, the Farm Manager, the Chef, and others. During their final week, LITs will be paired with a Family Group, where they will support counselors and learn the ins and outs of camp staff responsibilities. LITs will stay through the weekend for the duration of the program. The LIT experience is a critical stepping stone to prepare them for the Jr. Counselor role.


Farm-Table-Song is a specialty camp only offered week 2 for Jr. High campers ages 12-14. Although the afternoon sessions will run much like a traditional week, campers will choose their "track" of learning for morning sessions. Campers can choose from the following tracks:
Farm: This track is for campers who cannot get enough time on the farm with the vegetables and the animals! Campers will spend each morning on the farm with Farmer Kyle, participating in daily farm chores and learning about the ins and outs of sustainable farming. Campers will be responsible for planting seeds, weeding, collecting and harvesting eggs, harvesting produce for the kitchen, and much more. Each camper will leave with a pack of seeds to start their own garden operation at home. 
Table: This track is for campers who are itching to get into our farm-to-table kitchen! Campers will use our teaching kitchen to work with a variety of kitchen experts, learning basic cooking techniques, such as knife safety, preparing fresh produce, bread baking, and more. Campers will assist in daily meal prep for the dining hall and ultimately will decide the menu and help prepare a meal for the camp's closing banquet. 
Song: This track is for campers seeking a week to focus on songwriting and musical performance. Whether campers are experienced songwriters already or at the beginning of their musical journey, this week is an opportunity for campers to collaborate with fellow musicians and learn how to write and perform original music. The campers will spend a week creating a culminating performance to play at the farm-to-table banquet. (This week will focus on songwriting, not instrumental/vocal performance or music theory. If campers are experienced in an accompanying instrument like guitar, mandolin, ukulele, etc., they may bring their own instrument, but instrumental instruction will not be offered.)