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Be the Bellwether. Since the Middle Ages, shepherds singled out one ram in a flock to wear a bell and indicate where the flock is going—the Bellwether. A bellwether has come to signify a herald of what is to come. We pray that through this new camp, retreat, and education center, and in each of our lives, we will be bellwethers of Christ’s redeeming and reconciling love.


Bellwether Happenings

Bellwether FarmBellwether Farm is a vehicle through which the church can serve the wider community, teaching the universal spiritual mandates of stewardship of God’s creation and care for all of God’s children. Working together to feed others, both physically and spiritually, we sow the seeds of a just and caring society.

Outfitting Bellwether Farm

Help us plant the fields, fill the barns, beautify and heal the landscape, and send kids to camp by making a gift to support these program areas