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Day Camp FAQs

Do you provide lunch?
Yes. This is included in the cost of camp.

What does my child do during an Activity Rotation?
One of our goals is to expose day campers to every activity Bellwether Farm offers. In this way, we’re helping campers develop interests and hobbies. During the activity rotation, groups participate in archery, canoeing, cooking, gardening, animal care, etc.

How are day campers placed into groups?
We maintain a 1:6 staff to camper ratio. Campers are placed into groups of 12 with 2 staff members – 1 female and 1 male. Campers travel in these groups from activity to activity.

What are the drop-off and pick-up procedures?
On your child’s first day of day camp, please arrive a few minutes early to meet with our camp health care professional for a brief health screening. Campers who are sick or have any communicable illnesses will not be allowed to stay at camp.

If someone other than a parent is picking up a child, the camp must have a written permission note from the parent. Counselors will check IDs at pick-up to ensure the camper is getting picked up by a parent or someone assigned by the parent. Please make sure to call the office at 440.839.0088 if your child will not be at camp.

What type of training does your staff have?
All camp staff undergo background checks, from counselors to kitchen staff. Campers are closely attended by highly-trained and qualified college-aged counselors; and all are CPR/first-aid trained. Most counselors are certified lifeguards. Counselors attend 2 weeks of intense staff training where they learn developmental needs, behavior management, operational/ emergency procedures, program activity instruction, Safeguarding God’s Children,and much more. 

Can I pay the balance when I bring my child to camp?
The short answer is yes, but the check-in process is faster if the balance is paid and you can get your camper to his/her cabin sooner. 
What’s the cancellation policy?
The 25% deposit per camper per session is non-refundable. Any fees paid more than the 25% deposit can be refunded to you if you must cancel. 
What’s the transfer policy?
Transferring a camper from one session to another can be done easily if there is an opening in the requested session. If the session you want is full, you may add your camper to a Wait List at no charge. If that session has openings we will contact you to get your approval to transfer. There is no fee for transfer.
What forms do I need to bring when I drop off my camper?
All forms, including the health and release, are completed online.