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Overnight Educational Opportunities

In addition to our half and full day field trips, we also offer overnight experiences to school and community groups. Overnight opportunities allow students the opportunity to dive more fully into a new surrounding. The longer young people spend at Bellwether Farm, the more lasting an educational impact they recieve.  


Multi-day opportunities allow students to engage deeply with the farm and forest, as well as with each other. All programming available for one day field trips can be expanded to maximize educational impact and community building. Our staff can be as hands-on as desired. Collaboration with educators ahead of time is encouraged to create as engaging a curriculum as possible. 


Depending on the season, students, educators, and chaperones have the option to rent either our seasonal cabins (8 bunk beds with 2 “counselor” or chaperone beds) for $100 a night, or stay in our year-round retreat rooms (double occupancy with private bath. A cot can be added for an additional charge. Rooms are $80/night for single occupancy or $120/night for double occupancy). Tent camping can also be negotiated on a case by case basis. 


Overnight package pricing is determined based on lodging type, length of stay, and the level of Bellwether Staff involvement in programming.