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Come take a break from the daily hustle and spend a morning on the farm. Every volunteer day is a little different and tasks can include harvesting, processing, weeding, mulching, animal chores, egg washing and more. Volunteer days provide an opportunity to become part of the Bellwether community. Come prepared to work hard and connect with those around you as you dig into the dirt and the community.  Grab your boots, grab a friend, and join us on the farm!

Join us on Saturday, March 4 or March 28 from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.for a volunteer farm day at Bellwether Farm. Register through Eventbrite.

Volunteering on Bellwether Farm's 1.5 acre farm is an experience like none other. Spend the morning learning about regenerative farming while harvesting, processing, weeding and building community in the process! Our goal is that everyone who steps foot on the farm walks away with a newfound reverence for our soil and the hands who spend day in and out growing the food that nourishes us all. Come be a part of this ever-growing ecosystem!

No experience is required and we welcome all ages. Please wear close-toed shoes and bring a water bottle. We do ask that you try and stay for the entire volunteer block if possible. We'll send you home with some farm produce for you to share as a thank you for your time and investment in our community.