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Kyle Mitchell

Kyle Mitchell- Farm Manager

Kyle Mitchell joined the team in December of 2017. While teaching religious studies at a boarding in Southern India in 2009, Kyle planted carrots with one of his students. Three months later, much to his surprise and delight, the carrot seeds had produced beautiful carrots! This miracle and gift of seed to carrot changed his life, so much so that he and his wife decided to drop their jobs and go on a journey to learn where food comes from. 
After working on farms from Vermont to Florida to all over Central America, Kyle and his wife returned to Cleveland, Ohio. Throughout the past 5 years, he has grown food in Cleveland with 2 different urban farming initiatives, balancing food production, education, and social outreach.
Kyle and his wife, Lynea, live in Cleveland and will be moving to live on site at Bellwether Farm early 2018. Kyle has a degree in Religious Studies from Southeastern University. In his spare time, he likes to roast coffee, look for edible mushrooms, and learn more about this fascinating thing we call farming.